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McAfee Online Backup - New Web Service

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As reported at cnet:

The company [McAfee] announced Thursday the availability of its McAfee Online Backup, an online backup service that automatically uploads data from your computer's hard drive to a remote server via the Internet.

While online backup services are nothing new and have been available for a long time from many providers, such as Carbonite, Memeo, or Cuku, the main difference with the new McAfee Online Backup service is that it's one of a few that offer unlimited storage space.

For a fixed annual fee of $60, you can back up as much data as you want. This could possibly the best deal around for online backup, especially for anyone with a lot of important data and a high-speed Internet connection.

Other than the generous amount of storage, according to McAfee, its new service, which is powered by Mozy, is secure and comes with easy-to-use software.

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Anyone tried this yet?

Nope but Mozy should equal quallity. I liked their program last I tried, cant be more than 2 years old experience... Few weeks ago I was told Backblaze was the one to use for online backups Same price. Mozy strangely enough also charge those 5$ a month so why use Mcafee? May be differences when reading whole TOS, like yes you can upload all you like but download is limited. Unlimited Backup not the same as unlimited restore/download - or people would use service for temporary storage  :D

McAfee now offers unlimited online backup, but you should use Mozy instead

There are cases where re-branding something might make sense, but this isn't one of them.

McAfee has announced that they are adding an online backup service to their stable of products. There's no limit on your storage space and it runs $59.99US per year. That's not a bad deal at $5 a month -- right?

Well, no, it's not. But you could go and get the exact same service without the red McAfee M from Mozy - who are handling all the heavy lifting for McAfee Online Backup anyway.

Apart from the fact that you get service from the guys actually storing your data, Mozy also allows you to pay monthly, yearly, or biannually. Book a year and you get one month free. Step up to two years at a time, and you get three months of free service. McAfee doesn't offer any such discounts.

Even if you're a McAfee fan you should skip the middleman and use Mozy. Of course, it's highly likely that McAfee doesn't plan on standalone purchases of Online Backup from their web store. They'll no doubt get a pile of signups from users who receive their security apps preinstalled on retail laptops and desktops.
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thanks for posting that sri -- was just about to myself  :up:

Mozy $59.99, McAfee $66.03 but after having read a few horror stories about Mozy's file restore I went with McAfee. I know it's Mozy's server but in nowadays 'selective quality of service' there could be a difference. Once my 138GB are uploaded I'll report back. I only changed because of strange problems with A-drive (free) for the last 4 weeks.


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