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Windows Security Essentials

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Ah... I understand now. You were casting yourself in the role of Eve, eh? Very nice... [Sigh] Right then, off to download beta 2!

I just installed Beta 2 on my Eee yesterday. So far so good. I likely won't post again *unless* something goes amiss with it, and if after a few weeks it's doing well, I may roll out to the rest of my systems...

- Oshyan

Whew! The VIPRE uninstaller BSOD my computer and it's been fun and games all evening. I've finally got VIPRE out, MSE b2 in and a functioning wifi card...

Anyway, just thought I'd ask if there are any recommended folder exclusions with beta 2? I know that in the current version it's deemed necessary to exclude MSE's own folders ...

I just read up on uninstalling Eset NOD32 and it looks like a bear also - have to use their uninstaller/cleaner apparently. (I hate that!)


If on XP Malwarebytes wants you do exclude their stuff Besides such official recommendations I dont know any. Each program can have special problems, like Avast which excludes Firefox Session files Latest version still has that entry (and still not in effect if you move profile folder to alternative location). MSE forum should have such info. I would guess they recommend no tinkering at all.

Kaspersky has some Taken from a MS kb about AV vs. "Enterprise" computers May be MS own AV is aware of this?

I have had problems with another AV and Miro Media player/center thingy. Had to exclude folder with database files or they would corrupt. Process Monitor reveals all activity, filter out MSE process


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