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Single Instance


Thank you for your efforts...

Single Instance help me not to open calculator more then once. This is wonderful. But, suppose I am running a software, opened calculator once made a calculation and turned back to software, say MS Word. Now the software is running in front and calculator cannot be seen. When I need the calculator again, I pushed the calculator button on the keyboard! Now Single Instance closes the second calculator (which is in front), but I obviously need calculator in front??? Is it possible to bring the only instance in front on the desktop (if it is not a big deal)??


I can not seem to get single instance to run correctly.
I have started it on my local system as a local administrator.
I have changed the setup to look for OUTLOOK.EXE
I have then started outlook 2 times and it does not seem to do anything.
I have tried running it as a local administrator and also as the logged on user (non administrator) - same results - nothing appears to happen.
I have set the timer to 1 and to 0 but it does not seem to make a difference.
Is there something that I am not doing that I should do?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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