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Idea: A content management system that lives up to the name

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ps. i understand the topic of the thread was meant to emphasize a point, but this is one of these cases where it makes it harder for people to find things when searching -- how about renaming the thread to something more relevant to the discussion?
-mouser (September 24, 2009, 01:44 PM)
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Ever since I posted I was wondering if you were going to say that! I just had some evil fun putting MMF in the title where it was actually a legitimate use, though sarcastic by reference. Next time I was going to make a post titled "Good Times"  :D )

Anyway, you're right, and I've changed the title.

... I'd be interested in something a little more scriptable and that working by analyzing different files in a directory tree that might have all kind of extra information to guide how the site is constructed and what menus are shown.
-mouser (September 23, 2009, 01:32 PM)
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@Mouser - Are you envisioning something similar to a web crawler? Something that spiders down through a directory tree and abstracts and formats what it finds into a series of webpages? That's what it almost sounds like.

yes, i suppose that would be one way to look at it.
one key thing though is when one talks about "spidering" one usually is talking about scanning some content that one does not have control over.  in this case my intention is that one would have control over the data and be able to add any info that the website builder would need.

in this case my intention is that one would have control over the data and be able to add any info that the website builder would need.
-mouser (September 24, 2009, 02:56 PM)
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So are you looking to find such a thing, or are you going to write it? :)

I can't believe something like that doesn't exist, but then again, I believe it all right.

OK, lets call it a bot or an intelligent agent then! ;D

Question: wouldn't you still need to cache the pages it constructs for performance reasons? Or at least update a database somewhere along the line?

Otherwise, if the CMS were being driven by this beastie, wouldn't every page request result in the spider having to transverse the entire (or a significant portion) of the directory structure each time someone browsed to a different page? Wouldn't you still need to to have the agent update a database of some sort with what it finds in the directory tree? Possibly even cache the actual pages for performance reasons and only update them if it detects changes.

True it could be an old fashioned 'flat' or even 'hierarchical' as opposed to 'relational' database (which is overkill for about half the applications that incorporate one*) but I can't see how you can not use some sort of database query to dole out the actual page requests.


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