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Idea: A content management system that lives up to the name

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Tranglos your system reminds me of what i've always wanted for DC:

My interest has always been on a tool that would take a directory tree of flat files and make a website out of them.
-mouser (September 23, 2009, 12:28 AM)
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I never knew about idea.

Thanks for the link SKA, i have used treepad in the past (though not for website generation), and it's an impression program.  It's doing a similar thing to what I want, but I'd be interested in something a little more scriptable and that working by analyzing different files in a directory tree that might have all kind of extra information to guide how the site is constructed and what menus are shown.

My interest has always been on a tool that would take a directory tree of flat files and make a website out of them.
-mouser (September 23, 2009, 12:28 AM)
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Mouse, isn't this pretty much what DokuWiki does? It uses flat files, and when you arrange files in a folder structure, the folders are known as "namespaces" - but the difference is in name only.

One thing missing is that DokuWiki won't automagically generate a (sidebar) menu for the files. There is a sidebar plugin, but you have to code the menu manually, so it's time-consuming and the menu will not, for example, highlight the currently active item. (On the plus side, the plugin can display a different sidebar for each namespace). I don't have a clear understanding of the domain (not just php syntax, but how you use it to pull and display pages), so I can't say how much work it would be to add a dynamic menu to Doku, but maybe not that much.

I considered Doku, because it's very neatly structured and well documented. The lack of a dynamic menu is a showstopper for me though. Plus it would be a chore to convert all my html content into wiki-ese, especially that Doku's internal formatting capabilities are limited. So much so there are plugins for everything - there's even a plugin to produce a non-breaking space, because Doku can't do that natively. (You *can* include raw html and php though if you want; it's just that having to type <html>&nbsp;</html> is a little nasty.)

i'm a *big* fan of DokuWiki.

but it isn't quite what i had in mind for the task we are talking about, mainly for the reasons you mention.

my interest in the discussion on the other page, and related to what you are talking about here, was a way to make a website out of a tree of flat files, where subdirectories and files might have hints about how to treat them when building the site.  things like automatic site navigation menus would be essential, as would building a kind of download page with thumbnail images, etc.  being able to do wiki-like editing online was not something i considered.

ps. i understand the topic of the thread was meant to emphasize a point, but this is one of these cases where it makes it harder for people to find things when searching -- how about renaming the thread to something more relevant to the discussion?


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