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wanted: nice and small screensaver

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Thanks, that's a nice find too!

(Btw, I edited your post to change "code" to "quote", since that's better to read for people with lower screen resolutions)

babis, forgive me but if all you want is to turn off the monitor, windows (2000 and xp anyway...... and even 98 I believe) should be able to do this for you via the "power options" control panel......... eliminates the overhead of another screensaver.

another alternative is the venerable EnergySaver from Entech.  It runs any screensaver of your choice in a "wrapper" which will use DPMS to power off your screen after a specified period.  But this is really only needed if Windows' built in power controls are not working for you for some reason.  Not free however.

Luck, I know about power options and turnoff monitor after a specified amount of time.

However brotherS asked:
Now I'm searching for a screensaver that just turns the monitor off - but wasn't able to find a (freeware) saver to do so... who could help?
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So I helped.


So far I'm very happy with ! It allows me to auto-dim the screen to 25%, so I can still see what's going on in Miranda/IRC when I pass by the PC.

Btw, why aren't you in the IRC channel? :)

-brotherS (February 13, 2006, 02:08 AM)
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Nice find there brotherS, I am using it now too :)

But, if simplicity and minimalism is what you're after, might I suggest PowerDimmer from WhitSoft development. -LuckMan212 (February 11, 2006, 12:35 AM)
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Wrong credits, taichi ;)


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