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Idea - Whats in my fridge?

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abent professor:
Guys, I've been away for the last few days. What the hell? Featured application, awesome new features.. I've started using this and I've installed it on a little touch screen in the kitchen and we've all been adding our various foods. Last night I went downstairs to the store and bought all the ingredients for a Lasagne (except the mince, because we had leftover and it was on the list  ;D)

It's simple, but it works well, pretty much exactly as I imagined it to ! Thanks so much skwire!

You're welcome.  Glad you like it.   :mrgreen:

Even using here so Mum doesn't need to say..

"You forgot to eat those Bananas I bought!"  ;D

Small bugfix.

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v1.0.5 - 2009-09-16
    * If the day changes, colors are re-computed.

Sure...I'm happy to work together on it.  Just let me know what you'll need. 
-skwire (September 15, 2009, 08:32 AM)
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Very nice -  right now I got no time to plan - I will come back to you this weekend :-)


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