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More speed through keyword abbreviation and auto completion?

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Have been learning a lot from the 30 more days of screencasts and had a thought or two...

1. the +sall keyword is actually quite long! (5 whole extra characters) Maybe there is a shorter alternative?
++ came to mind as it is short, simply uses the same key twice, and has nice incremental associations. But the + key is slightly off the beaten track for those of us whose touch typing is a little erratic. Tab is handily placed but probably breaks alsorts of GUI traditions, so is probably not the solution.

2. user defined keywords also tend to be long (so that they are memorable) so perhaps they could auto-complete?
I hit the + key and then start by typing "m" and FARR scans the list of keywords, finds "+music" so suggests it. I can then hit tab or enter to accept it - what ever the usual method of acceptance is with such things!


The ++ modifier is a great idea. That gets +1 vote from me

Ampa: this autohotkey script lets you use ctrl+pagedown / ctrl+pageup to add/remove "+sall"
middle mouse button version by lanux128 here:

The ++ modifier is a great idea. That gets +1 vote from me
-Josh (September 03, 2009, 09:11 AM)
--- End quote ---
Except that the ++ modifier is used to pass arguments to the resuts...

I'd prefer a solution that does not change the FARR input box to switch between normal / extended result list like for example a keyboard shortcut. And use up/down to scroll through the results as was once suggested by justice.


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