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MD5 sum has been posted next to download link on my web page.

Selector Added TransBackColor ini file option for Windows 7 Transparency.  How to use is get the pixel color from the PopUp Window background using a pixel color get utility.  This one worked fine for me:

Use the 6 character hex for the color.  This is what I use for the default:

What the color will actually be will vary according to your desktop "personalize" color transparency settings.  This way you should be able to get it to match up instead of having blocky patches where I overlay approximated color esp. in the radio button control area.

Here's a new screen shot:

If you can't get it to look good then disable the Windows 7 Transparency option by removing the check mark in the Tray Menu.  Then you can still choose a "Vista Color" to set a good looking background.

Selector Removed ini file option to set the matching Translucent background color.  Now when the PopUp Window opens, a pixel is sampled.  The label text isn't as perfect as setting it manually but at least you can read it over most any background. :)

Selector Added a Paste Button.  Depending on the setting of the Radio Button it will write selected, clipboard or text from the input line, to a temp file.  The selected application will be opened with the temp file as param.

This should come in handy for snapping up source code snippets from the web. Previously I used a dedicated hotkey app to take a snapshot of the source code.  But usually it wasn't running so I had to launch it.  Now I can just use Selector with any text editor.

It can also be used with Notepad since it doesn't use a paste macro but writes a temp file. You don't get the "xxx file does not exist do you wanna' make a new file?" dialog.

Selector Removed Topmost attribute of popup window.  Instead I set it to show in Taskbar.  This allows it to show in Alt-Tab list and also avoids dialogs popping up underneath it.  Drag & drop onto the window is easier also.


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