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IDEA: Small shell switcher for windowsXP

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Hi again,

Just had to create an account on my XP box for my girlfriend and she couldn't get her head round anything else but exploder.
So I've modified the SwitchIT program so it can be used on just the Current User's settings,
this way anyone else using your computer can still have exploder if they want.

I've uploaded the new version to the same URL as above hope this new "feature" maybe found useful.

I know it works on XP as that's what I've got, anything else... give it a try and let me know here.

The only caveat to add is that when uninstalling you will also have to remove the "Shell" value from the
Registry Key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon"
if you have set it for that user.
If it's set for the same as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE it shouldn't be a problem it's just a superfluous setting so could be left.

"Time Is Precious, Waste It Wisely"


P.S. Just spotted the elevation to my status, thanks.  :)

Thanks Malacandra, I was hoping someone would come up with something before I did, (not much time here)
However, I have written a quick-n-dirty-get-back-to-explorer utility for emergencies (like when you are testing a new shell or a beta update to your favorite and it doesn't go quite right) which I have written in AutoIt3 along with a compiled executable. I have no webspace ATM somebody wanna babysit it?

anyone who has some code to share and needs a place, just email me [email protected] and we will be happy to host it.

if you want some web page/ftp space for several tools we'd be happy to do that as well.

Your Welcome Edvard,

Just to let you know I have managed to trim the EXE file in size by removing a load of unused compiler rubbish.
It's now just 189 KB so should take up less valuable disk space. :D

That's what you get for not checking your default compiler options. :)

Back to Coding Snacks then........

"Time Is Precious, Waste It Wisely"


thanks to both malacandra and edvard.

i'm loving how this coding snacks section is going !

i added edvard's tool to coding snacks page (

i'd be happy to add anything by malacandra as well if you need hosting.


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