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IDEA: Small shell switcher for windowsXP

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With the many advanced filemanagers and replacement shells at large today I think it would be useful to have a small program that would allow a user to add, remove, and change shells at their leisure.
  I think that with the Bluebox shell there was at one time an included app that would do this, but my recent re-interest in alternative shells has left me wanting a DECENT program of this sort.  The program could run in a dos box with no gui, just text menus but would include the features I've laid out.
  The program should be able to log a user off and back on again after changing the shell in the registry,  or at least log the user off and change the shell, requiring the user to log on again.
   I can almost get this function using a bat file, except I don't have the right version of DOS to get the 'Choice' commands needed.  Someone who knows how to code could probably code this in a few hours??
  Any way, that's my idea.

I myself am wanting just such a thing. There are many shell-switchers and alternative shell managers out there, but the switchers re-boot instead of logoff, (I'm on NT4 here at work, which reboots like bricks swim) and the managers sit in memory ( :down:) so at the moment, I am looking into doing the very thing you have described with an AutoIt script which can be compiles into an exe. If I can in the near future, I'll post the script here (easy enough) but don't let me stop someone else from giving it a go...

I am new to the forum but saw your post while scanning.
I have a small utility which switches my shells fine on WindowsXP also logging me of it can be downloaded from:

Just unzip it and put it in any directory you want no install is necessary.
To uninstall just delete the Exe and Ini Files.
It is 486KB and can be run in the system tray if you want.
It will create an INI file the first time it is run which you can add or remove entries to.

Hope this Helps,

"Time Is Precious, Waste It Wisely"


thanks malacandra! that's really nice of you.

hahaha i love the quote.

No Problem Mouser, Glad to Help :)

Might be able to port it to a Dos App if anyone wants it, will have a think.

Not sure what use this would be but........

"Time Is Precious, Waste It Wisely"



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