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My main hard drived just died so i'll be offline today (8/16/09)

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I lost my main HDD last night also.  about 1am-ish as I was getting ready to go to bed, BSOD.  I keep all of my documents on a separate physical internal HDD (D:) and when I install Windows I just change the paths to the "My Documents" folder Etc.

I keep an image of Installed and configured Vista on an external USB drive, and do incremental updates every night automatically using Acronis True Image.

I also install Steam and all of the games on that drive, then all I need to do is install the Steam client to the directory and my games are there, configured.  

It took about an hour to be back up and running, now I need to buy another HDD. :D

i backup my stuff into a dvd every time that i re-install windows. Not the best method but it's all i have since i have only one hard drive.
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that's just not good enough.

you need to establish a system for backing up your documents and data much more regularly.. maybe using a free online backup service.
-mouser (August 17, 2009, 06:59 AM)
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i know it's a crappy system but i don't have many files that i would terribly miss if my hard drive were to fail, maybe some word documents and small stuff like that. Once i get my college degree (hopefully this year) and get a job (maybe next year) i can spend some money into a PC that has a hard drive exclusively for backup purposes.

Just had a hard drive problem myself on the same day Mouser did. My problem was more insidious and harder to diagnose, though.

A SATA cable was becoming marginally bad & was sporadically "losing" the drive. For a while I thought  I was going to have to do the "RMA a drive" thing. Man, what a pain...


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