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My main hard drived just died so i'll be offline today (8/16/09)

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the hard drive on my main pc apparently completely failed last night while i was asleep.

i believe (pray) i have a week-old backup.

hopefully all will go well and i will be back without much data loss sometime today.


if i don't get back online in time -- some other coder on the forum needs to make a screencast of their program and post it, so we keep with the one-screencast-per-day project this month.
i can still access the forum from secondary pc so ill be around occasionally today.

sad to hear that but good luck on the data restoration.

ok i'm back.. not much lost.

just another reminder that backups are SO important.  i got lucky this time since i had a recent backup.

please everyone develop a backup system and stick to it.

Phew! Glad to hear you didn't have to go through too much stress.

*cough* RAID-1 *cough*


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