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Any recommendations for a system tray CPU/RAM meter?


Does anyone have any good recommendations for a CPU/RAM meter that can go in the system tray?  Preferably, the program would be very lightweight and not take up too much space.  Thanks.

MBProbe from (author's site appears to be down???)

or maybe

motherboard monitor

i think they are the main two.

I used to use meters for that too, now I don't really care about RAM usage anymore and am using SpeedFan to display the CPU temp in the tray. If CPU temp rises I know the CPU is used more than usual

nice, i'll have to try that one too.

I used to use one that was super tiny (the cpu and ram bars were probably 1 or 2 pixels thick), I also used it with windows 98 (I think) so it must be pretty lightweight. I'll look through my download backups later tonight to find the name for you.

What I got now may intrest some people on this forum. It's the Logitech G15 keyboard. It has an LCD screen that you can write applets for. One of the few applets it comes with is a CPU/RAM usage meter.

If you'd like to see othe apps written for the keyboard, or if you just want some more information; check you


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