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App name:Stick (vers., can't dock in reserved space by Desktop Coral?


I installed stick and want it to have its own reserved space so it won't be covered by other maximized windows.
However, the app can't get into the space reserved by Desktop Coral. Did I do something wrong, missing any steps somewhere? Or it just can't?

You might want to try the script I wrote here.

Is this great tool being developed further?  I just discovered it.  I'm wanting to place some shortcuts on the bottom of my second monitor, but can't seem to get it to work - looks like the same issue previously reported.

Also, I see the "experimental " preserve desktop icon locations - this looks like it's just sorting alphabetically the desktop icons?  Pretty scary...watching my icons bounce all over the place until I recognized what it was doing.

This might be an IDEA I'll post, but thought I'd mention it here too, since there's is (I think) an attempted functionality with the "preserve desktop icon locations" option.  I've made Icon Restore part of my standard desktop - I love it.  But I find it doesn't work in Windows 7.  I sure would like "somebody" to be able to provide this same functionality in Windows 7 (hint, hint) :-)

Rainmeter is very customisable and can work on coral's area. I think, you can find rainmeter sticks.
I'm using rainmeter to display clocks.


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