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WinPcap makes my DSL not work?

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I've installed  WinPcap and UrlSnooper yesterday and my internet was fine and all, but when I turned my computer on today, the USB light on my Westell DSL box wasn't lit and so I couldn't connect to my internet (using Firefox). I did System Restore and that fixed the problem, but I had to install UrlSnooper with WinPcap and my internet was working fine, but after I shut down my computer and went back on later, the USB light on my Westell DSL box wasn't lit and I couldn't get on the internet again, so I had to do System Restore again. Can WinPcap cause this problem to occur? Would it have something to do with URLSnooper using my Westell DSL for the network adapter?

Would this do the trick?

Thanks for any response!

hi lol -

i guess its possible that winpcap could be doing this.  certianly url snooper by itself wouldn't but it's possible that something in the winpcap install is causing it.

if you feel up to it what would be nice is if you could install the very latest winpcap alpha release here:

direct download is:

after you install, reboot once or twice and see if your network connection is still working.
if not, then we know its a winpcap problem and maybe the bug or announcement archives or faq for winpcap can help (see

if your connection still works after installing the latest winpcap, then you should install url snooper after than but SKIP the winpcap part of the url snooper install when it gets to it (since you would already have a more recent version of winpcap installed at that point).

btw winpcap has a good uninstaller so you should be able to just uninstall it if it does happen to mess up your internet connection, rather than having to do a system restore.


The problem is from WinPcap . I downloaded and installed WinPcap from the download link you provided and restarted my computer, and my DSL does NOT work. I checked the FAQ before and didn't notice any solution.


can you download and try to run this app after you have fixed your computer again:

it uses an alternative network drive that does not install anything.  let me know if it works.
i've been considering for a while whether to add support for this alternative network sniffing driver, so i'm interested in hearing whether it works.  if so, perhaps i will try to add support for it.

Ok, I have it running and I clicked on Open. Now what? Should I install URLSnooper again? With or without WinPcap? 

Thanks for the help.


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