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start disk search only after several characters?

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I am wondering if I can do this with FARR: start disk/folders search only after I type more than 2 characters.

I'd like to keep a list of 1-char or 2-char shortcuts for the most frequently used commands, and when I hit hotkey for FARR and start typing, the first 2 chars I type are only searched in that list (instead of disk), so I can have
c[Enter] to invoke cmd.exe
fx[Enter] to invoke Firefox.exe
and so on. Because the list is small, it should be much quicker to search through all my frequent commands ('a'-'z'+'0'-'9', there are 36x36 combinations)

When I type the 3rd char, or some special key (like a<tab>), the disk search is invoked, I don't mind it's slower now because I mean to search the disk/folders for commands (and I can always right click on any result and assign it to a 2-char shortcut).


i believe this is what you're looking for..

i believe this is what you're looking for..
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-lanux128 (July 14, 2009, 11:09 PM)
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well it's not... I don't want the disk/folders search start at all. I want to keep a small "index" for 2-char shortcuts.

ok, i must have jumped the gun after reading only the title..

if your list of shortcuts are static, you can always create an alias for them so that they can invoked as you wanted. check out this thread and see 'Aliases' section.


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