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Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

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@p3lb0x: OM NOM NOM  :P

Sebastien is the only ferret I have seen that just sprawls out in the middle of the floor and doesn't practice ninja ferret skills...

So the inevitable has happened Monday night at 1:30 am :(

See Details on Youtube...
-IQLover (August 21, 2009, 03:09 AM)
--- End quote --- heart goes out to you.  :(

I also had videos of one of my cat's last days & although they didn't reflect her suffering, they were so painful to watch that I finally deleted them. No regrets, I was just torturing myself by watching them. Although I couldn't bear to watch even your videos, obviously what you've created is a beautiful & meaningful tribute.

In due time, as your grief slowly subsides, may I humbly suggest you have a loved one password protect your page / site - and keep yourself out - just until you can look at it again, without as much sadness as you may feel now. Just so your grief can run its natural course.

My second piece of unsolicited advice for the day is this: It helps to know just what kind of media will bring you misery & what will bring happier memories. For me, pictures are sweet, even voice recordings of people who've passed on are touching, but for whatever reasons, videos of anyone or anything that have passed on, in good times or bad, are just too much.

Warmest regards.  :)

So the inevitable has happened Monday night at 1:30 am
--- End quote ---

i didn't notice this thread until now!

IQ I am so sorry.. those videos made me cry..  but also the happy part is how lucky he was to have you as such a good friend and to know he will be remembered.

Oh wow, I totally forgot about that picture f0dder! :D

Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

Anyway here's a picture of Lilo from when she was little over a week old. My mom blasted the mother cat away with a water hose because she thought it was a male cat that was running around our garden (They had this habit of pissing all over). Anyway, so we discovered a cat nest full of kittens under some rubble in our backyard while trying to get the cat out of our backyard. When we noticed this we gave it some food and dried the kittens with a towel. A week or so (I don't remember) after this the cat mother left with all the kittens except one. My mom felt she had been hit by bad karma and spent over a hundred dollars nursing the little kitten into what it is today. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Lilo now.

So the inevitable has hapened Monday night at 1:30 am Sad
--- End quote ---

Sorry to hear that IQ...


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