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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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Skrommel, the traytip doesn't seem to adhere to the tip duration specified in the settings.  (Though, the tooltip does.)  Is this able to be corrected?

I'd also like to see DragKing merged with ClipStep.

Also, DragKing is saying it has copied when I drag a file in Windows Explorer.  Even if I just rearrange the order of icons.  I don't think this occurs when using the Details view.

 :) I have started recoding DragKing, to make it only copy when the mouse is inside text.

The tip duration is documented in AHK's help file: This setting is currently unreliable due to the nature of its handling by the OS.
--- End quote ---
But it could probably be improved.


Also, if I select text on a webpage then scroll the page, the text seems to be copied again.

Hi skrommel,
1st of all, thanks for the great software!

As has been suggested above, I would like to use Dragking to paste into highlighted text by using the Paste hotkey.

It occurred to me that this could perhaps work if :
1- copy is disabled while using the paste hotkey (in my case Ctrl+mouse LB1)
2- paste hotkey allows selection by dragging or double click

So, for instance, I could copy text by drag-select/double-clicking, and then replace a 2nd text with it by by PasteHotkey drag-select/double clicking.

Right now the Paste Hotkey is instant, it occurs as soon as you click down even before you release the mouse button. Perhaps it could be more intelligent and wait for button release so as to allow drag-selection?  And perhaps wait a tiny bit and sense a possible double-click selection?

My 2 cents, hopefully it makes sense



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