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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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I've seen a program that does this too...can't remember the name but it was made by a Linux user who missed the feature in Windows. It did work universally. Sorry I don't remember the name!

Is this it?

If so, may I have the official title of "Resident Googler" affixed to my user name?  (Just kidding :))

I tested this utility ("True X-Mouse Gizmo") very briefly, and it seemed to work.  Perhaps unfortunately, it does things other than what is requested here, which is to automatically copy selected text.  I recommend reading the entire page linked to above, even though it's about 5,000 times wordier than it needs to be.

By the way, I'm never blindly trusting of obscure software like this; but I did scan it with Jotti (it came back clean), and surprisingly, the file is actually digitally signed (which in itself means almost nothing).

Just a warning:  On my system, True X-Mouse Gizmo 1.4 makes Explorer.exe crash, at least sometimes, when I close it.

true x-mouse ( sure sounds like a program that does exactly what was requested here, and surely this is the mystery program looper told us about.

i note the program had its last update only last month, so it's actively being worked on.  i suggest anyone having issues with it who wants such a program consider writing to the author and offering himself up as a beta tester - it looks like a really powerful program to do exactly the kind of thing people here were interested in.  and let author know he is welcome to come by here and use this forum as means of getting feedback on new releases.


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