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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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(I don't remember in which program I saw this function, but I think it might be useful universally.)
-vevola (April 30, 2005, 09:39 AM)
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XChat for windows does this. It automatically copies every text you highlight into the clipboard. Inside of xchat you can then paste the content of the clipboard using the middle mouse button; outside of xchat you have to use ctrl+v.

Using highlight to copy and middle click to paste has been "in linux" (actually in X Windows) for longer than I use it. I find it extremely convenient, it doesn't interrupt the workflow.

Why am I mentioning this so late, after we are "DONE:"? Well, XChat is open source and one could easily take a look at source, not so easily find the code segment ealing with this and use/steal/copy/reproduce it...

Just my :two: for very late jumping into the discussion...

Hi skrommel,
I thought a bit about my previous post about pasting into highlighted text.

Perhaps a simpler solution than what I suggested would be to simply have a "temporary disable DragKing while pressed" hotkey. That would be more useful than the current permanent disable hotkey.

Keeping such hotkey pressed would allow me to select a text without copying and after release I could use the paste hotkey tp replace it with the clipboard content.
Also it would be great if such hotkey could be only ONE key, such as Ctrl, Shift ...

What do you think?



(alternatively there could be a Paste previous clipboard entry Hotkey or Hotkey modifier. That would work too.)


 :) Absolutety possible!


Great!  ;D

Looking forward to the next version!

:) Absolutety possible!

-skrommel (July 11, 2006, 07:17 AM)
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Hi Skrommel,

Can you please add the hot key press feature that elpresi suggests?


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