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The 10 best new Firefox add-ons of 2009


Wow, had not heard of some of these cool add-ons for Firefox. But these are ones released this year.

Heard about official winners of the moment? "Extend Firefox 3.5 Winners" should be here and a special contest for mobile use.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Seems to be nothing of interest to me there (some is Firefox programmer stuff).

Now when a firefox add-on allows two or three or four "Find" fields (we had a thread on that) -- then I will be go right to town.

Good news. I will try the new release of Find All. Individualizes the Find for each tab, which is similar functionality. I may also look at Find Toolbar Tweaks and some others, however it looks like you generally have to decide on one Find extension for compatibility.

Oops .. check that. Find All does not seem to have that functionality, I think I read about it for one of these find search extensions.


Thanks for sharing these plugins - please post this type of  useful plugins to google chrome


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