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Windows Menu Command Selection with green/red


Windows Menu Command Selection with green/red

I would like a menu with a green light when the option is executed o a red one when is stopped .

By example : Suppose I want to control different groups of programs inside windows xp pro.

security environment.bat
and so on

and need to know if I launched or off this options.

Excuse my language. I'm from Canary Islands

Are you saying you would like something to automatically check to see if there is a process already running (like looking in taskmgr.exe) and then show a red icon if it is running or a green icon if it is not running?  Where on the screen would you expect to see the light icon?

This may by helpful:  "Process Explorer 9.12" by Mark Russinovich is a program I use to look at running processes.  There are other process monitors that let you see what is running.  Have you tried something like this? 


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