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fully free software utilities for biz use - discussion

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A lot of windows enterprise freebies here-
And the links on this page-a Zoho project it seems.

Most free enterprise software I found was for Linux and related in a short search.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

ManageEngine is actually the one I have liked the most so far, they have a fine knowledgebase on their agent install that helped me understand (Windows Firewall being the main issue) and they have given me tech support during the trial-test-who-knows period.  The limitation of free up to 10 users (on their Desktop Central) is sufficient for many small businesses.  I dunno if we will stay with the software at this client, however they will are kewl and will be included.

Double Driver added to list, after my nice experience using it on XP reinstall.

Steven Avery

40hz - yep on the Enterprise stuff.  I have been playing with Spiceworks and other programs, considering Untangle,
-Steven Avery (June 21, 2009, 06:24 PM)
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Just wanted to +1 on Untangle. I use the dedicated server version as opposed to the reRouter Windows version. I did that more because I had a spare PC floating around when I decided to set it up than for any solid technical reasons. I did do up the Windows version for my sister, however, and so far (knock wood!), it's been running exactly as advertised.

Looks cool up on screen too! Always a plus since I'm a firm believer in The Shiny Principle.

The Shiny Principle:

"Looks aren't everything. But where the choice falls between two or more competing products, which are virtually identical in form and function, the vast majority of consumers will invariably buy the product that comes packed in the shiniest box."

--- End quote ---

"Everything's shiny, Captain!"

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

I am calling one section "Administration" because it is programs that you will not be installing on many puters but can be used in various ways for every puter in the biz. The starters are:

Double Driver

More coming, share your finds ! (Well, you might install Double Driver on each puter, but once you back up the drivers in a functioning PC to some place off the PC you are pretty much done ... well ok, the new monitor comes in and you might want to have it on disk ready for a new install.  Maybe Untangle installs an agent on each puter, but that doesn't really count (some of these programs are agent oriented, some are agent-less, I found that Spiceworks seems to struggle to recognize the puters on our workgroup, possibly being agentless is a factor).

Steven Avery

Imagine is free (donationware) without any limitation:


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