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XYplorer 8.00 released with DUAL PANES (!)

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I would, however, like to discuss with Don the uses of descript.ion files and let him know how I use them to keep track of things between programs and hopefully he'll reconsider adding the feature.-Innuendo (June 16, 2009, 08:32 PM)
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I'm sure you can make a good case. I use them too but I'm less ardent than you :)

Xyplorer is a nice tool with super steady developement. DonL generally welcomes suggestions, options and ideas I think. And he tries to naildown bugs as much as he can. I definetely suggest Xyplorer with DP or without Dp.

On the other hand I tend to agree with Innuendo`s experience with certain topics in the forum. I personally do not have positive or negative feedback on this particular issue but all I can say is that all ideas should be welcomed at least as a matter of discussion point as long as they are posted with good faith.

I use them too but I'm less ardent than you :)-cranioscopical
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Yes, ardent is a nice way to describe my levels of excitement sometimes reaching fanaticism regarding file managers. ;)

I do want to state for the record that I admire what Don's been accomplishing with his file manager. He's trying to bring all the power of the Total Commanders and Directory Opuses of the world to an Explorer-style file manager without becoming as convoluted in the options/preferences department as Directory Opus and I think he's done very well accomplishing that.

I just miss descript.ion file support.

I just miss descript.ion file support.
-Innuendo (June 17, 2009, 09:28 AM)
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Oh, I must have overlooked that point  ;D

I wonder how many people on here use them?  Might be interesting to see if anyone else holds up a hand.

I use them. With TC files colouring engine I can assign different names colours based on comments (i.e. $work$ gets violet). I have used it also for tagging.


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