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Windows7 report for my Apps (Screenshot Cap., FARR, CHS, Proces Tamer,URL S,etc

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i realized we should discuss core farr features in farr thread so i'll move this, but what i was asking is not how to implement, but to elaborate on exactly what you want farr to do and what the user interface would be.

regarding "just shellexecute it" do you mean something different than when you type in farr "run PROGRAMTORUN"
(i do note that this doesnt work with diskmgmt.msc in all fairness)

regarding run as admin.. im not sure what you are asking for -- a way to run a particular found result as admin, or run farr as admin, or what, and how you want that to be exposed to user.

f0dder, i've gone to check out the icon problem in LBC.. it seems to me the problem is only getting icons from .msc files.. can you confirm that? or can you find another exe or dll that LBC can't get the icon from?


Unexpectedly, if i copy the file from win7 to winxp, my winxp LBC *can* read the icons from the .msc file.

What this suggests to me is that the reason LBC in Win7 is failing is that LBC is probably asking for an OS-setting-dependent icon format from the file, that it can't quite handle.  In other words, the problem may simply be LBC being overly optimistic and greedy about what kind of quality icon it is willing to try to handle.  So may be a much simpler fix than i thought.

It's also a problem for .url files, which I've set to point to my own .ico files. I think there was something else as well, but I've tried dragging a few .exe files and they seem to work. Shortcut files seem to work as well (both linking to the shortcut as well as copying it's properties).

Ah, found a small bug in FARR: in options, under Search Folders (and other places), dragging doesn't erase the selected-item background rectangle, and things end up looking messy pretty fast.


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