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TopCoder: solve hard problems as a sport, get paid for it


I thought some people here might be interested:

Inc. Magazine review

In some contests, TopCoder asks hackers to solve a tricky math problem or algorithm, just for the sport of it. In others, TopCoder clients with a software problem pony up prize money, and TopCoder challenges its global network of computer nerds to come up with a solution. The winner gets the cash--which can total tens of thousands of dollars--as well as star treatment on the company's website, which includes baseball-card-like photos and stats on top performers.
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Interesting for recruiters as well:
TopCoder gets a cut of each contest's prize money. But that's only part of it. Because each programmer must register before competing, the company has been able to develop a database of the world's most talented techies. Some of the smartest have turned out to be students or twentysomethings in places such as Taiwan, India, and Belarus--the kinds of people who never respond to formal job postings and as a result go unnoticed by businesses looking for brainpower.
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Since DC has some very talented, unconventional coders, TopCoder may be appealing to them.


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