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Okay, I know my friends here at DC can help, either with a code snack or a direction toward other good software.  What I am looking for is a simple live webcam window to use.  I envision that it would take the input from a USB 2.0 webcam and put it into a resizeable window.  Nothing fancy needed, no recording or editing or anything, just a viewer.  To make it easier to understand why I am looking for this, I have a monitor that uses GridMove to section off my desktop.  In one corner, I just want to be able to see what else is currently going on in the room (I am in a cubical in the back corner, and people sneak up and suprise me alot!).

I have tried several pieces of software including the ArcSoft software that came with it, Debut, and WebCamXP to name a few, but none of them have a simple, resizeable window that views activity in real time.  Either they are embedded in a larger window for editing or they are not resizable.  I guess the makers can't imagine you would want to see a window in anything less than 640x480.  That might be okay if you have a 22" monitor and can have the resolution up high enough that the 640x480 is only a tiny fraction of your screen real estate, but I have an old 17" CRT, and even at the highest resolution supported (1280x1024), it takes up nearly half the screen!

Can someone direct me to a piece of software that can accomplish this?

Have your tried vidcap? The microsoft one or a remake.

Nope, not yet.  Check it out now.  In the mean time, I forgot to meantion, I did find one program that is not "exactly" what I was looking for, but seems to be workable.  That is WebcamMax.  If it continues to be workable, I may just have a mini-review coming out soon ;)

ACK!  That was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  Thanks.  Credits your way.....

I was looking for exactly the same thing a few years ago 2 have an unobtrusive webcam video while I work.
I found the best solution 4 my needs was the VLC Media Player. You can detach the video window interface from the main window thru the options.
But the decider for me was that the install includes an viewer ActiveX control so you can create yr own custom viewer to suit yr exact needs.
If I remember correctly, with the right settings, the VLC player even supports transparency which most other players don't.
If you try it & want some help with the connection strings let me know cos I have the VB code around somewhere.


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