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Request: Small App / Code to Easily Attach Program A to Program B (Tool-bar)


I've built a few tool-bars for different programs at work and I need a better way to attach the tool-bar to the program windows.

It would be nice to have a small app that could easily pin multiple windows together in groups to mimic the same window behaviors (minimizing / staying all together when swapping back and forth between programs)

Loader program would likely run each program and attach it to the EXE window

Run Program_A.exe,
Run Tool-Bar_A.ahk,
Attach AHK to EXE Window (Each window title has a different name)

Thanks for any help!

this may not be quite what you're looking for but it might go someway towards what you seem to be asking for - Barnacle

Similar concept I think, but that isn't quite what I need though. I've tried it before, cool idea

Maybe Jedi Dock could work for you?

Skwire: thanks for the suggestion, looks like something I might end up using but that isn't quite it either. I need the toolbar to be running on top of the program, not just to be able to switch to it.


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