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Windows7 report for my Apps (Screenshot Cap., FARR, CHS, Proces Tamer,URL S,etc

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Just a quick report about Windows 7 (win7, windows7) compatibility testing on my applications -- feel free to add any observations you find.

I've tested:

* Screenshot Captor -- seems to work perfectly
* Clipboard Help+Spell -- seems to work perfectly
* URL Snooper -- seems to work perfectly (the 3rd party Winpcap balks at installing, but win7 then popped up a dialog suggesting to reinstall it in compatibility mode, after that)
* Multi Photo Quotes -- seemed to work perfectly
* Launch Bar Commander -- seemed to work well (the default setting of thin borders on docks is horribly ugly big border on Win7, so i need to fix that; and i understand some icon importing abilities may be defficient in LBC).
* Process Tamer -- seemed to work perfectly
* Find and Run Robot -- seemed to work perfectly
I was pretty impressed by how smooth Windows7 installed and ran.. Since i skipped Vista I might go for win 7 after it hits the shelves.

I was pretty impressed by how smooth Windows7 installed and ran.. Since i skipped Vista I might go for win 7 after it hits the shelves.-mouser (June 03, 2009, 05:08 AM)
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Sounds like a plan :) - I'm running a RC build as my primary OS now, and it works great for most stuff.

The icon issue in LBC keeps me from using it - which is a shame. Especially since Taskbar toolbars aren't detachable on Win7 for all I can tell (they were on XP) - I feel pretty handicapped without any launch bar.

Also, while not a problem with FARR, it would be nice if you added:

* Run as administrator shortcut
* "ShellExecute whatever is in the text field"

i also have adopted Win7 as the main OS (albeit temporarily) and one of the 1st things i did was to check the compatibility of DC apps. i used Farr, SC and LBC for the whole day and they responded quite well. only in LBC's case, as mouser had already noted, i had to turn off the border.

i second f0dder's suggestion about the 'Run as administrator' option, either via a hotkey or the context-menu.

f0dder can you explain a bit more about how you would like those 2 options to express themselves?

mouser: I'm not sure how to implement "run as admin", there's probably a cross-OS way to do it, but I was thinking something that pops up UAC on Vista and later.

As for "just shellexecute it", it would be for stuff that FARR doesn't pick up because I don't search those folders, but being somewhere on the path/whatever... like, I'm used to Win+R, diskmgmt.msc ... would be nice using FARR for everything.


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