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Windows 7 evaluation

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Hopefully someone have an answer to this.

I've just installed the RC 64bit to see what all the fuss is about, but yet all my memory is not being used.
It's like I installed the 32bit version, the info windows say 64bit operating system but only show 3,37gb (4,0gb installed)
So for some reason I don't have all the memory available eventhough I should have.
Anyone kow what could be the cause of this?

Shared video memory (are you using a laptop?)?

no laptop.
I've even updated to the latest bios for my board (aus p5ld2 se) and set everything that I could possible think of to be enabled in case it would help, but nothing. Still only 3,37gb usuable.

The funny part is that XP 32bit show about 3,5gb usuable.

I don't remember the fix but I seem to remember a post on this subject on Windows7 forum.  Take a look and see if you have any luck:

Thanks for the tip, unfortuantely it did not help.

Only thing I was able to find quickly and since I didn't know what exactly to searh for was make Win7 x64 use all your mem…. Unfortuantely that did not help me, the option it says to uncheck was already unchecked.


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