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Windows 7 evaluation

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Directory Opus (version - which is the newest as far as I know) seems to work perfectly in Windows 7 RC1. When you start the install a warning pops up that says something like "this OS isn't supported".-Hirudin
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You'll be fine with DOpus as long as you don't do something crazy like trying to replace Explorer. That's the only reason why that message pops up. Fortunately, you are smart enough to realize that so I'm just reiterating that for someone who is thinking, "Everything else seems to be working...let's give it a try." It won't work & windows 7 will not be amused.

Maybe that means slipstreaming is back too. :)
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Slipstreaming is gone never to return. It's all about WIMs nowadays. That's a shame because I thought slipstreaming Office & Windows was such a cool feature. Now the new way just seems like a hack.

Innuendo: if you don't need the "sneaky-stuff" that Daemon-Tools do, try out Virtual CloneDrive - free and works with win7.-f0dder
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Virtual CloneDrive is inferior to MagicDisc. It's also free & works with Windows 7, but supports up to 15 drives and has image support for a lot more formats than Virtual CloneDrive including MDF/MDS and BWI/BWT. It's the only virtual disc program I've found besides Daemon Tools and Alcohol 52%/120% that supports MDF/MDS. No copy-protection & DRM support, though. One still needs Daemon Tools for that, but handles unprotected disc images beautifully.

And regarding vLite, yeah...using that is bad. MS even put up a KnowledgeBase article on that subject that basically says in a round-about way, "Hey, use vLite if you want to, but you're most likely going to have to reinstall Windows 7 if you do."

EDIT: Forgot to include the link to MagicDisc:

Innuendo: I used to use MagicDisc when I switched away from d-t, but the version I used was (majorly :)) incompatible with Win7 so I switched to VCD. I only really need a single drive, really (and VCD supports more than that), I don't need (nor want!) the sneaky-hidey business of D-T, and so far I haven't needed any of the fancy image types (tbh I'd only consider something like mdf+mds/bwi+bwt if I was making backups of my own copy-protected games... and tbh, I'd rather just make a normal copy and use a crack).

So VCD works pretty well for my needs :)

Hmm, I actually just bought 2 years worth of D Tools Std. It seems to be the only program which "Just works" without any hitches.

Josh, was just getting ready to come in here with an update. What transpired exactly was I did an upgrade install from build 7137 to build 7201 and I dutifully uninstalled Daemon Tools like the Upgrade Installer told me to before performing the upgrade.

What the Upgrade Installer should have told me to do was to uninstall the SPTD layer as well. Once I performed some registry permission mojo I was able to get Daemon Tools working again. Yay me. Boo Microsoft.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
One way cool thing about Windows 7 (or at least the RC) is that you can remove Windows components that you don't like, including Internet Explorer-Hirudin (June 06, 2009, 06:57 PM)
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That is SOO cool, thanks for showing that!

I read many scattered topics on the Tips & Tricks of W7, but this is a new one I haven't read.


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