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Windows 7 evaluation

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Stoic Joker:
Yes Dell still includes them (not to mention they're easy to copy if you barrow a friends...) ...and legal enough if you use your own COA key. Which OEM you get/install it from/on doesn't matter as they are all the same. I've used the Dell OEM media on everything from WhiteBox OEMs to eMachines.

I've got a self compiled set of OEM CDs for XP and I'm getting a Vista set built now which I've never had an issue with on (clean) install/activation. I have had to call MS for activation roughly 1 out of 50 times I use the disk set ... Which isn't bad odds considering its never failed.

In a pinch you can use the file list from the old Corp Files hack to build your own OEM CDs ... and no I will not go into detail on how. :) (It was 3 years ago when I compiled the set, and all the info was Google-able)

Stoic Joker, yes...details are probably best left undiscussed & while I still have a lot to say on the matter I think we best let this part of the discussion drop.

I managed to get my mitts on Windows 7 Build 7201 and was more than a little disappointed to find out that Daemon Tools is broken...again.  >:(

Directory Opus (version - which is the newest as far as I know) seems to work perfectly in Windows 7 RC1. When you start the install a warning pops up that says something like "this OS isn't supported". I just ignored it and continued with the installation, I haven't had any problems. Oh, I should mention that I have not "replaced" explorer.

One way cool thing about Windows 7 (or at least the RC) is that you can remove Windows components that you don't like, including Internet Explorer. I think I saw somewhere that there is some kind of command line-driven ISO creator that sounded like it would be similar to nLite. Maybe that means slipstreaming is back too. :)

Those with W7 32 bit may want to try Sandboxie v. 3.38. On the download page it has a disclaimer about only supporting build 7100 but it works fine on my 7077.

If you try installing please take the precaution to save all your work and maybe make a restore point if you use them.  It uses some sort of virtual disk driver, among other things, to make sure apps in the sandbox can't write outside the sandbox without permission. If your machine doesn't like the driver, it may crash at the point of installation(there's a warning page in the install dialog.  Just thought I'd mention it to avoid the unpleasant surprise.)  It happened to me a couple of times on older HP machines of the Pentium 4 vintage.

Innuendo: if you don't need the "sneaky-stuff" that Daemon-Tools do, try out Virtual CloneDrive - free and works with win7.

Too bad that it seems the nLite/vLite projects are abandoned now, and won't be updated for win7. vLite kinda works, but it doesn't officially support win7, and you can easily break stuff with it :(


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