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any spreadsheet-like tool to open tables with millions of rows/columns?

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I'm the designer of InfoQube, which sits exactly in between a database and a spreadsheet. You can have millions of rows, but it is easy to extract a small subset. The front end UI is that of a outlining grid (+1 over Excel) and the back end is a database (JET 4.0). Adding fields to your tables is easy. You can color rows, outline rows into a hierarchy and add extra rich text info for each row. Supports built-in VB Script functions and user-defined ones too. Plus, if you've got a version of MSOffice installed, you can use pivot tables and charts (i.e. OLAP cubes) to analyze / summarize your data. Data in your IQubes can be viewed live in Excel and Word, which is great to share with others.

Ah! I forgot about SQLNotes InfoQube !! I should revisit it.  :up:


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