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Online Armor on Giveawayoftheday (May 26, 2009)

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today's offering at GAOTD - Online Armor.


Yes, I saw this and was somewhat interested, since I'm still using Sygate  :( .  However, I also read Michael Horowitz's review in CNET, and I'm not sure whether OA is what I want.  Of course, I'm not sure I know what I want.  I also wonder whether there's any substantial advantage to getting the commercial version of Online Armor rather than the highly regarded freeware version.  Do any DC members have experience with Online Armor, free or commercial?

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Yes, Online Armor is fine, it has some fundamental HIPS protection, I especially note direct disk access prompts. And  I put two posts in on the GAOTD thread.  The OA forums are kewl, plus Wilder's has lots of discussion.

One restriction on the Free that I noted was that the restricted ports were unchangeable.  Plus backup stuff is I think lighter and easier on the Pro, you have to do some stuff by hand on the Free. Config flexibility, certain other techie features .. beyond port-by-port .. is Pro only.  So it is certainly advantageous to get the Pro, and they have some sort of $10 - 2 yr. thing available too.

Not sure what all the differences are, there is a chart, I have not run the Pro and am not too firewall-savvy, suffice to say that the Free is very good, the Pro is superb.  In the past I have used mostly Zone Alarm, Kerio / Sunbelt and I have Comodo ready to be deinstalled on a work puter. Today Outpost is the main solid freebie alternative to OA .. a recent addition to their line, PC Tools also possible.  Generally I would bypass firewalls that come from anti-virus companies trying to expand to a suite.  Unless you really like the Suite as a whole, which is a lot of eggs in one basket.

With OA you have a small, really competent company, I combine them with Avira anti-virus.  I was a little surprised to see GAOTD (expected more likely Bits Du Jour).

So unless you are very happy with what you now have .. e.g. a suite that fits you fine or a long-term accommodation to Outpost, Kerio-Sunbelt, PCTools, crikety old Sygate .. a bit dated now .. or another .. I suggest this as the best to do.  

Note: you want to put special attention to whether an existing firewall can be successfully turned off, or needs a full deinstall, and how to do a deinstall.  I would google that for any firewall ready to be decommissioned.  

In general, Wilders has a ton of info, and many there are OA simpatico.

Steven Avery

Hi, Steven.  Thanks very much for your response.  It helped me decide to give up on "crikety old Sygate" and take advantage of the GOTD offer for Online Armor.  So far, all has gone smoothly (knock on wood, salt over my shoulder). 

One nice thing about the offer is that there is no need to install it now, just need to 'purchase' it. Can then install it at a time of your own choosing.


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