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Feature request - Rich text items


Mouser -

I'm new to TFLM, but so far am very impressed by the interface, simplicity, utility, etc  :up:
I'm sure you're quite busy with lots of projects, but I did not see in the 'To Do' list any mention of perhaps expanding to Rich Text format editing on an item-specific level (I do see how you can globally modify the font settings, however, which is welcome).

For programs like MS Word that accept formatted text pasting, this would be *really* useful! I guess I could use Clipboard Help+Spell to work around this somewhat, but I think I'll be too lazy on a regular basis to do so  :-[

Thanks for listening....

that's a good suggestion - i just have to investigate how easy it would be too do.
but i will definitely add it to the todo list.

Also I like this prgram and as mech-e I hope for Rich text items (RTF support).

Keep on the good work

Bob Hillesum

i've started the process of adding richtext support, hopefully will be finished soon.


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