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IDEA: Small App To Turn Background Windows Transparent Automatically

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Just a little app that sits in the tray, and automatically set unfocused windows to a user specified transparency.  I ahve tried quite a few apps and none of them auto set a specified transparency to windows in the background.

 :) Try this one!

TransOther - Make all windows but the active one transparent.

- User defined transparency level.
- Can ignore always ontop windows.
- Won't make parent windows transparent while children is active.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


It works perfectly!  I don't even mind editing the ini file, 1-255 was a bit confusing, I was thinking 0%-100% transparent.  I could care less though!  This is perfect!  I now have a functional mockup of Windows Vista Running on WinXP! :D :Thmbsup:

hi there

Skrommel, wasn't there a similar program called Ghoster also by you...?

best regards,

It was similar, but the effect was achieved differently.  This is much faster and easier on resources actually.  I did like the "restart" option on ghoster, as well as the option to ignore the taskbar (always on top windows).

Here is the start of my Windows Vista mockup on WinXP if anyone is interested: version:  1280x1024 | 698 KB


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