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Something I want to try this Year.. Daily After-action Reports

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I keep a journal - actually two: a physical notebook which I use throughout the day to jot notes, and The Journal, a program for journaling in which I create a daily entry at night. It's not structured in any way other than date. But it does exactly what you said, mouser. I get a chance to read through my notes and then enter it all in my own words after the fact. It is also a nice record to search when you are trying to remember when or how or why you did something or another.


Mouser, something I find that works for me is to set aside a little time (half an hour or so) to plan your day for tomorrow, this helps me go over the things i've achieved today and organise my schedule for anything I didn't get time todo today.

I also find it best if it's the second last thing you do that day.  So for me, I finish work at 4pm, so at 3:30 I plan my day for tomorrow and then finish off anything I need to for that day.  This way you don't get to the end of your day and skip you're planning for the next day.

Journaling is such a great mind-alignment tool. It enhances learning tremendously. My most recent use was in a creative writing class.
I recently visited an exemplary elementary school where all the students, down to kinder, were journaling! Look out world, the geniuses are coming!

Mouser: I do this every day.  I set aside the last half hour of my day at work and then the last half hour before bed and write an assessment, and a plan for the next day.  Lately I have been using Wikidpad as the tool for this, mainly because of the strength of its todo function.  Basically, I write stream of consciousness, and when I get an idea for a task I just type todo: and the idea.  I have added Christian Ziemski's GTD patch, which basically created a page that collects all the todo statements I have made anywhere in the Wiki and allows me to add filters and date assignments.  All very text feeling, and simple, but I create tomorrow's todo list as I go.  Take a look and see what you think.

org-mode in Emacs is very good for this kind of stuff (as for GTD stuff), so long as you're the kind of person who doesn't mind doing a bit of hacking/customisation.


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