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IDEA: re-usable floating (transparent) window notifications


Here's my idea:  I am looking for a win32 utility that basically just pops up a floating message window, similar to the one that Outlook uses for new incoming mail.  This titlebar-less window would contain text passed to it from the command line, and accept certain command line params such as

font size
x,y -position
w,h -width & height
window color
border color, border thickness
transparency level, 0-255
duration (e.g., 10 seconds, after which it would fade away)
sound to play
OnClick action -- commandline to execute if user clicks the box

so the format of the command could be something like:
notify.exe "<message>" <s- font size> <x,y pos> <w,h dimension> <r,g,b-win color> <r,g,b-border color> <n- thickness> <t- transparency> <d- duration> <path_to_snd> <onclick_action>

notify.exe "this is a test" 14 50,15 200,80 255,255,255 160,160,160 4 255 10 "c:\sounds\beep.wav" "regedit.exe"

the above command will display a message box saying "this is a test" in 14pt Arial at x=50,y=15.  It's 200px wide & 80px tall, with a white background and grey border 4px thick, with no transparency (255) for 10 seconds.  It will try to play c:\sounds\beep.wav and if the user clicks the box before it fades away, it will try to execute "regedit.exe".

What do you guys think?  could this be useful to anyone except me??  ;)

its a great idea, but i believe it does exist, and i think we discussed such a program before.
i really like the idea though, so if the existing programs dont do a good enough job it would be a nice one to implement.

can anyone remember the existing tool for this that we have discussed before?

I have a file named msgbox.exe that does some of what you want, but when I googled "msgbox.exe" I saw others that did more.


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