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DONE: Scan music collection for missing covers/artwork

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Half of the programs store the album art they find anywhere but with your music too, which is partially to blame for my current lack of covers. :/-worstje (May 12, 2009, 02:21 PM)
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Windows Media Player stores the art with the music, but as hidden files.

1) Copying the name does not work.
2) Opening the directory doesn't work either and gives an error. I think you are reading the wrong column for the data (Resolution rather than the Path column) seeing how it complained about not finding 500x500.
3) It is listing some directories I'd rather not have it list. Some subdirectories have images only in them, or other extra information not part of the songs. For example, a fair part of my collection has Artist\Album directory structure, and the Artist has some extra stuff like playlists (m3u) or other stuff like it, causing it to be included in the listing while I'd consider it empty for the purpose of this little tool.
-worstje (May 12, 2009, 12:50 PM)
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1 & 2) Gah...completely my fault.  I added the resolution column and forgot to update those other functions.  Re-download...apologies.
3) Yes, I was assuming that any directory with a file in it as an album directory.  I can improve this.

CovArt Ops

Here's a screenshot with the thumbnail integration.  I'm not sure I like it because of the wasted space beneath it, though.  Maybe a second, separate GUI window would look more elegant.  Your thoughts?

DONE: Scan music collection for missing covers/artwork

I tried to improve the criteria by which it determines that a given folder is an "album folder."  Basically, a folder is only considered if it contains at least one of the following file types:

mp3, ogg, flac, wv, wav, mpc, ape, wma, mp4, m4a, tta, tak, shn

Art in tags is not implemented yet.  Please re-download and let me know if this version works better for you.

CovArt Ops

It works very nicely minus the lacking embedded-covers feature. The icon at the side does not really bother me since I have two 24" screens, but you are the king of the hill - and I assume a toggle to hide it with wouldn't be too hard to add if it annoyed you. :)

I'll be awaiting the version with the embedded covers with all the lack of patience I can muster. ^^


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