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IDEA: creating HTML lists from URLs in clipboard

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Hello there,

I guess many people know this problem: You often stumble across articles online which you don't have time to read immediately (e.g. when checking your RSS feeds at work).
So I came up with the idea to have a tiny program that scans the clipboard for URLs and then assembles them in a simple HTML file. So whenever you come across such an article (or anything else of interest), you just copy the URL to the clipboard and it will be added to your toRead.html.

In fact, a friend had already written such a program for me (in C/C++), but it's got some flaws (e.g. not recognizing FTP links) and missing features (e.g. no way to delete an entry without manually re-creating the whole list).
I've also tried to create such a program myself using AutoHotkey, but I guess I'm not gifted enough to finish it...

However, if you decide to take on this idea, I could provide you with the source codes of both these attempts.
In that case, I could also give you with a list of features to consider.

Comments are appreciated!

very nice idea; i think i will add something like this to our "Clipboard Help and Spell" program on this site.

 :) I don't know what you guys have against Favorites, but try this one.

UrlHistory - Watches the clipboard for web addresses and saves them with a comment.

- Doubleclick the tray icon to add an url manually.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.

The biggest problem is identifying an url. This version checks for www, http and ftp, so anything else must be added manually. If any of you have a more generic way, please let me know.


*phew* I was concerned that I might be the only person on this planet who could use this kinda program - so I'm glad the idea was picked up...
And I'd never have expected that you'd come up with a solution right away - so thanks a lot for that!! I'll try it out as soon as I get home today!

As for the reason why I'm not using favorites: That would be far too complicated (too many clicks necessary) - especially since it's all just temporary links.

UPDATE: first impression
I just took a quick look at UrlHistory, and it works real smooth!
The HTML-site it creates is missing any tags though, so it doesn't create proper hyperlinks.
I could take a look at the code and fix this though, if I'm allowed to... !?
(more details to follow)

PS: Is there a way to download all the linked articles at once so you can easily transfer them to another computer and read them offline? I've tried using HTTrack for this, but that doesn't seem to work...

 :) Again, Internet Explorer has a save function, and it can even save to a single file:
File - Save as...  and choose the single file format *.mht.



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