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nudone's new pc

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by the way i'm a big fan of drive racks..  something more to consider.

(for example see
and hot swapable sata rack for example:

<3 drive racks <3

If you're getting those you'll really want to make sure they're metal and not plastic, that they're compatible with your main casing, and that there's proper ventilation. And that they do NOT use small and whiny fans >_<

they will be metal cases if i get them but i've had another big think - prompted by what Carol mentioned earlier.

i was talking of getting two Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA hard drives and putting them in a RAID 0 array. but because of thei noise i would have to also buy two cases to put them in.

the total cost of the above would be about £310.

BUT, i could get THREE Samsung SpinPoint P SP2504C 250GB SATA-II 8MB hard drives for £250 and then put these in a RAID 0 arrangement - this is assuming i can do this with the Asus a8n deluxe/premium board (i have no idea).

OR, i could get FOUR Samsung SpinPoint P SP2504C 250GB SATA-II 8MB hard drives for £335 and put all of this into a RAID 0 array.

so, i'm asking - is the FOUR (or THREE) disk array going to blow the socks off of a TWO disk Raptor 10,000rpm array.

the Samsungs would be quieter and hopefully a great deal quicker - plus i also get 250 gig to play with instead of the 74 gig on the raptors.

someone please say 'yes' as i really want to believe in the four disk setup. but i can understand due to other issues with RAID 0 that the speed increase would not be as much as i hope.

thoughts please.

i'd personally be a little worried about the complexity of four hard drives in a raid.. but that could just be me, i'm always a little suspicious about raid.

There are eight SATA ports and two IDE ports on the motherboard, allowing for a total of 12 connected drives. 4 SATA are handled by NForce 4, and the other 4 by the silicon image controller. So yes, you could have 2 arrays of 4 drives each (I even think one of the controllers allows you to span both SATA and IDE drives, but that seems a bit fishy to me). Also, four drives in stripe... eek. One drive dead = all data lost.

If you're going to get four drives, you really should consider looking into raid-5 :)


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