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IDEA Submit webform (sweepstakes entry) daily, weekly, monthly...automatically?


What I'm basically looking for is an app to auto submit my entry to various sweepstakes I run across that allow entry once a day or once a month etc....if you feel that the auto submission is an issue something I could run which would just OPEN all the various sweepstakes pages in the browser for me to submit would still be beneficial.   If you are wanting to enter 20 to 30 a day it gets rather tedious to look up each one every day even with bookmarks.  I use firefox as a browser and do have lastpass which has a form filler option.  Thanks for your time reading this either way.

Hello,  The IDEA about using Moz/Firefox for sweepstake entry is one that I've been searching on.
My guess is there is a matchup some where. 

Have you had any success yet on the subject ?  Firefox bookmarking seems tobe a start.

email:  [email protected]


How about using a tab manager for FF, opening the sweepstakes sites, saving as a Session, then you just re-open whenever you want to enter. It won't do it automatically every day, but...

And then use something like LastPass to auto-fill the forms. :)

- Oshyan


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