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Website design recommendations for a small business site?

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I see.  Well my idea would not require a CRM solution, but if you want that, I can see where that would be a significant problem.  I don't know that I could help you beyond putting you in touch with my friend who does the dynamic sites.  He may well have a junior programmer at his company that may cost less.

BTW - if it does become a fully customized site, perhaps the best way would be to create the site and put the text in dynamically via a text file tied to certain fields.  Kinda like CSS, but for the specific content?  Just a thought.  Maybe that is how the CRM systems work, I don't know.

They are usually images- they are given as blank images, and you are given the fonts to put what you want on them yourself.  I usually convert them to photoshop format, then create a new layer for the text and any effects.  Then I save the psd files for later use and flatten them for the actual web images.

Look at this template for an example:
And my website:
-wraith808 (April 22, 2009, 09:21 PM)
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I apologize for replying so late. That was very, very helpful, thanks so much, wraith! (Fantastic choice of template for your site, too - really beautiful and fitting.)

I'm about ready to give up on Joomla and it looks like I'll just go with a static site again, so I might revisit those templates.


Joomla can take a little getting used to but I found some excellent videos to get you started at (they aren't free but only cost $10).

-Carol Haynes (April 21, 2009, 04:13 AM)
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Hi Carol - thank you for mentioning my videos. By the way a revised version is now available and all 19 videos are free.

Carol Haynes:
You are welcome.  :D


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