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DONE: Program to identify and delete empty folders in a tree

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I've been looking for a simple way to seek out and delete empty folders within a folder tree but there doesn't appear to be any suitable software on the web.

The user would give the program the identity of a folder and the program would present a list of all empty sub-folders in the tree leading from the given folder. The user could then select folders to delete.

Does anybody know of a suitable program out there or feel like coding one?

i like this idea very much -
i was thinking of a program that did this and some other cleanup and maintenance functions on files/folders.  interested to here if there are already some good programs that do this kind of thing.

 :) Here's non tree version - AHK doesn't have a tree view control - yet!

DelEmpty - List and delete empty folders.

- Show filecount and size of files and subfolders.
- Sort by files, size or path.
- Doubleclick to explore a folder.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.


skrommel is getting too good at making gui tools with ahk now.. i'm starting to fear for my job security  ;)

I have a further idea to take this program to the next level....... for awhile I have looked for a utility or batch file/script that could do this:

scan program files folder for all folders that do NOT contain any .exe files in their root.

these kind of folders are often left behind after programs uninstall themselves but leave behind "remnants" such as .ini or .bak files.  These clutter up your Program Files dir and make it hard to see what you have actually installed and what are simply "ghost" folders.


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