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DcUpdater v2 Preliminary Flirtations

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Let me explain a bit some of the motivation for the changes in the UI:

* The right-hand panel is now a WebBrowser control that will allow for the display of detailed info about the selected item, including full description, screenshots, web links, other generic info.
* To make room for the browser info panel i had to figure out a way to compress the wide lines of the original dcupdater, so i made each entry now have 2 lines; as a side effect this let me use larger icons.
As a comparison, here is the original v1 dcupdater:

Looks great, mouser! let us break it!

I should confess that i have slightly mixed feelings about losing the ultra compact small icon grid display in the old version.  But i think on balance it was a tradeoff worth making.  If there is real uproar i could always bring back a short 1-line per row view which hides some columns or is usable only by people with huge monitors.

I have a lot more features to add before testing.. nested groups, and a lot more behind the scenes stuff.


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