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IE8 on the loose!

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It appears Microsoft has released IE8 into the wild. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Universal idiosyncratic quandries?


I've tested it for 2h (browsing only) and must say that I am impressed with speed. It is quicker on my PC than Firefox!

Unfortunately: standard mode has problems with some JS effects (like lightbox or lytebox). This part is the only slow one (for now). I had to switch to "compatibility mode" but even despite that: there is visible difference between IE8 and 7 for sure.

And I really like Wiki suggestions while typing :)

so is it worth downloading, or should I just stick with chrome and IE7

I can give you two reasons why it's worth:
1. quicker than IE7 (does not matter is it compability or standard mode),
2. it's always good to have components used by other software updated.

P.S. Even if I stick with Opera, some of the applications I use will be less buggy (I hope).

I went ahead and downloaded after I made that post, I guess I will go ahead and install it. Chances are, no more than I use IE, I probably wont have any problems with it.


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