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Scenes of the Recession from around the world

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Some good photography on the effects of the recession. Where I live (in a small Ozark mountain town in Missouri, US), I get no more junk mail (woohoo!) and more than half the residents do their banking at check cashing/payday loan places, because they're unable to keep enough money for a checking account with a bank. Talked to the best real estate lady in town in a line at the post office yesterday and she said she had sold only one house in the past 14 months. Wow.
How have things changed where you live?

eventually things will get better.

Where I leave things look badly too: many companies do not have enough orders, some have collapsed, some  have fired a lot of people, and the construction segment is also powerful hit, as less people buy houses or apartments. There has been a rush to buy, to get credit, to spend money, before the recession begun, but now it is very hard to get a credit from the banks and some people are having problems paying their credits. A lot of Romanians worked abroad, in Western Europe, but many of them had to come home as there are great problems too. Unfortunately, they were very important for out economy, as they sent important sums of money home.

Sure, things will get better, the question is when. And, very importantly, which is the lowest point we will reach.

The local food banks are overwhelmed.
The ripples of unemployment are spreading.
The tax base is shrinking.

In times like these it's especially important to find ways of reaching out a helping hand to one's neighbours wherever and whenever possible.
A little kindness here and there might afford someone the only bright spot in an otherwise miserable, demoralizing day.

eventually things will get better.
-gexecuter (March 18, 2009, 11:36 PM)
--- End quote ---
Someone, somewhere, have probably said that some billions years ago, before the last Big Bang!  ;D


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