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Is there a way to have user-level control on sorting Outlook 2007 GAL?

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Hi Aram,
I looked here and unfortunately, it says only the administrator can change the name format. Unless you make your own folder with your own settings. I don't know if this would work with Exchange; I've never used it. 

Another way to get around this might be to put the first and last name in the First Name field, so that no one has a last name, forcing Outlook to go by first name.  :)  This has always worked for me, but again, the GAL is foreign to me.

I think the easiest is to just type "Crystal". When you hit 'Send' it will ask you if you mean Crystal Lee or another Crystal, if there is one. If there isn't another Crystal, it will automatically find her address & send your email.

I am so sorry for you; last time I was that frustrated I threw my laptop on the ground as hard as I could, thus breaking it  :D into many pieces. I hated that thing.

Best of Luck!

Edit: By using the last suggestion, you won't actually see auto complete working as you know looks like it won't work, I think because we associate auto complete to mean "will get sent to the intended recipient".  But it happens half a second before it sends.

Well, I do manage with the workarounds, but it's just ridiculous.

Why the fuck does sorting for hundreds of employees need to be controlled by an administrator?  What's the point of having separate fields for first, middle, last names?  Why can't the end user just click a button to sort however they please?

Imagine if Outlook/Exchange only allowed the administrator to sort the mail message views.  That would be insane.

I'm telling you, not having the autocomplete addresses working right is driving me absolutely nuts.  It literally takes you back to how email was 15 years ago.

Let me ask you guys this:
Would it be possible for the administrators to create two GAL's, with only the sorting different, and allow the users to choose which one to load with their Outlook?

Can someone recommend to me the best or most active forum for Outlook and Exchange?

Fuck Outlook GAl!!!!

When you go into the GAL and lookup addresses, there's no way to copy the freaking email address to the clipboard!!!!!!  This thing is a worthless piece of shit.

You could try this site:

With this site you have access to a lot of manuals/howto's/articles for whatever Exchange related. Since the GAL is managed by Exchange (which seems logic to me), maybe you get lucky there.

It is a nice site for anyone who has to administer and/or work with Exchange.


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