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  • October 23, 2017, 12:18 PM
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Author Topic: The Daily What’s Top 7 Billy Mays Infomercial Re-Dubs : NSFW Language  (Read 5231 times)


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Has anyone else here seen these before?  It's a new kind of humour on the youtube, audio dubs of infomercials.

Here's a list of Top 7 dub-overs of infomercials starring Billy Mays, complete with video.

They are hillarious if only for the fact that they try to stick quite close to the original scripts -- they seem improvisational in spirit.  They aren't trying to change the meaning of the infomercials, they are just putting a little twist on the presentation style.  That's their brilliance.

Honestly i am in awe of the people who come up with the ideas to do these kinds of things.


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 :-\ A couple of them had a good line or two. Not that great overall...

Here's one I saw recently:

Billy Mays in Half-Life


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This is part of a not so viral marketing campaign: http://www.youtube.c.../watch?v=OVHUAco_k-g "Barry Scott - Cillit Bang"

But I like the 300 remix more: http://www.youtube.c.../watch?v=G8GM1LMPHt4

And there will even be a movie: http://www.youtube.c.../watch?v=fXICRlcqOpM